E-commerce, the solution (also) for unsold items?

If the crisis has largely boosted the use of internet shopping, it has made this movement a lasting trend, especially on the consumer side. That faces an offer as plethora as it is diversified: between well-established marketplaces, those of independent stores, those of their own brands, but also those of high-quality second-hand (or so-called second-hand) products, plus fashion terminology), the of shortages… But if the possibilities of finding the product that corresponds to your desire are numerous, there still remains an unexplored segment: the sale of unsold items.

A favored “short circuit”

It is from this reflection that Minha Loja na Cidade was born. The idea germinated in Olivier Chlous’ mind even before the crisis began. This leader, having worked in various fields, including watchmaking, is well aware of the problems of high-end retail. Including inventory management. ” There is always 20% of the products left in the drawers “, he underlines. If the concept of a platform dedicated to unsold items has taken shape, it is in fact the first confinement that allows you to refine it. Mon Magasin en ville will therefore be a specific platform dedicated to unsold products from high quality independent boutiques and offered at reduced prices. Suppliers – also faced with inventory management – also have access to it. And for Olivier Chlous, it’s an example of a kind of circular economy,” that serves all actors “.

Because Mon Magasin en ville specifies that it is not a market, but a showcase. Understand that ” we do not buy shares, we promote the connection between merchants and customers “, specifies Olivier Chlous, Mon Magasin en ville does not, therefore, replace the stores, but offers them a virtual store, with the advantage of not interfering in the relationship between seller and buyer. ” Our platform creates a store where the logo, address and phone number are referenced. So the consumer buys from the merchant, not the platform “.

A business digitization solution

If the interest seems to go, in the first place, to the consumer, who thus has access to high-end products at a reduced price, it is double for the shopkeeper. Who, of course, is offered the possibility to sell their unsold items, but who is also offered a dematerialized distribution channel. A passage through the scanning box that is still lacking in many stores. And Olivier Chlous insists: “ Mon Magasin en ville aims to be a showcase for French merchants. By being present on the platform, they have an additional opportunity to make themselves known. And access additional clients. Which ends up leading these companies, often lacking many ways to access a digital channel, to follow in the footsteps of digitization, which is becoming an essential element of any strategy.

create a community

In operation since October 2021, Mon Magasin en ville, whose economic model is based on charging a commission on sales, has 200,000 members registered on the platform, like so many potential buyers. The specificity of the stores represented expands to include opticians, accessories and children.

One of the goals for this year is to bring together 90 stores, across France, before doubling this number by 2023. To support his development strategy, Olivier Chlous plans a recruitment phase of 5 jobs, mainly in community management skills and marketing. The domestic market also continues to be a priority, before thinking about the international market. A prospect that moves the manager of the Marseille-based company, remembering that ” the image of the french trade is very good » and that the long-term objective is, in fact, « promote French companies internationally. We want to create a community. The growth of merchants will make our growth “. Mon Magasin en ville expects a turnover of 2 million euros for the current year, which could reach 5 million euros in 2023.