Mercedes EQE: the electric range

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If they say “great Mercedes”, think of refinement and comfort. With the development of the EQ electric range, there will now be two distinct approaches to the brand.

By Stephane Wamat

Anyone who has tried an E-Class – let alone an S-Class – will tell you that when it comes to comfort, they outperform the competition. We don’t forget the quality and technology aspects, of course, but this is not where the brand makes the biggest difference. However, we are living in a crucial moment, in which the automobile has new imperatives. Mercedes doesn’t do anything by halves, it develops its EQs so that everything revolves around energy efficiency. In the case of electric cars, this means maximizing range.

The manufacturer recently illustrated this with a concept car called the EQXX: the main point that makes it possible to achieve greater efficiency is not weight reduction or bigger batteries, but aerodynamics. The lines of the great EQS already showed Mercedes’ commitment to this path. The EQE, which is, for simplicity’s sake, an abbreviated version of its big sister, confirms this. And by the way, we’re fans of the design language that prevailed in this aerodynamic research, and we’d love such a non-electric car!

©Mercedes-Benz EQE

Dimensions aside, the cabin is also a copy and paste of the EQS, with a relatively classic version including a large vertical screen and a stylish, or avant-garde, decorative panel with Hyperscreen on multiple screens. Either way, it’s modern and stylish, as you’d expect from Mercedes. But what we didn’t expect was the sacrifice: seats frankly not as cozy and caressing as usual. Weight control issue? Or costs, so as not to ask the customer even more for a car that has not already been given? E-Class regulars will, in any case, have dubious buttocks.

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As for handling, the EQE’s 292 horsepower perfectly manages its 2,300 kilograms. The high-end performance is there, but again, it lacks that subtle, particular “road feel” of the big Mercedes. Don’t get me wrong: the pleasure is the same as flying very high thanks, of course, to the absolutely extraordinary silence and damping that, for once, is in fact Mercedes. The question is: is the EQE a car for those who like the brand’s usual qualities? I’m not sure. We would rather say that it installs new emblematic values, aimed at new customers.

The Mercedes EQE currently starts at €76,625. Other cheaper versions are planned for the next few months.

The opinion of the Lamarche family

“We will be brief, because even with 600 km of autonomy, an electric car at 80,000 euros is not for us. But we also love its streamlined design, futuristic interior and rear seats. The 430-litre trunk, on the other hand, looks a bit sparse on a car that’s nearly 5 meters long. As for the ride, we were ready to describe it as ultra-comfortable, until our youngest, who likes family cars, told us “The seats, a little hard for a Mercedes, aren’t they?” »

©Mercedes-Benz EQE

The expert opinion on eco-driving

Mercedes is right to point out that aerodynamics will be the best efficiency factor for electric cars. And with the EQE, the manufacturer proves it without question. We’ve tried electric SUVs weighing over two tonnes in the past, but we’ve never managed to get below the 22-23 kWh/100 km mark. On a really mixed route (highway, city, secondary mountain network), the EQE consumed 17.8 kWh/100 km! And again, we drove in Comfort mode (because Mercedes) rather than Eco mode. Very good energy performance for an electric car of this size. It’s worth the places a little hard!

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Technical Data

L/w/h (mm): 4,946 / 2,103 / 1,510 – 5 seats – 2,355 kg
1 electric motor – Power: 292 hp
Torque: 560 Nm – Range (WLTP): 545-660 km
Price: 75,625 euros including VAT

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