Horse racing: a state-owned company created to build a hippodrome on the Côte d’Or

Develop a real horse industry capable of attracting tourists to have fun. That is why a racecourse should be created on the Côte d’Or. It will be built by a company newly created by the Ministry of Finance: the Côte d’Or International Racecourse and Entertainment Complex Ltd.

Against almost all odds, the Ministry of Finance incorporated Côte d’Or International Racecourse and Entertainment Complex Ltd. It registered with the Register of Companies on Friday, April 29, 2022. For what purpose? If no one really knows why, in the circles involved, however, it is suggested that the idea is to build a racecourse in the next few years.

What are key stakeholders saying? In the Treasury building, it is indicated that the government intends to develop a real horse racing industry. In the Ministry of Finance, any allusion to the fact that this company would have to grant licenses is discarded, as some would have you believe.

“It’s a development company. The Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA) has nothing to do with this project as it is not about licensing. It will be an entertainment complex. It will be like a real horse racing industry. A person can come and rent places to live there,” we made it clear.

Like in Dubai or Hong Kong

In the Prime Minister’s Office, it is noted that several developments are emerging from the ground at the moment in the Côte d’Or region, hence the decision to introduce this new equestrian project. In addition, we highlight, Landscope Mauritius manages the state lands in this part of the country.

“We still don’t know if this will be a project that will be done with a private partner. The company has just been created. There are still things to define. But the idea is to provide the country with a new racetrack, similar to those found in Dubai and Hong Kong”, says our source.

According to her, we must think beyond a simple horse racing industry. “Tourists must have something to enjoy when they arrive in Mauritius. For now, they don’t have much to do. This type of project is therefore more important than ever to carry out”, maintains a member of the board of directors.

He adds that the objective is to target a specific category of foreigners in order to encourage them to choose Mauritius as a destination for horse racing to the detriment of Dubai and Hong Kong, among other countries. “We intend to develop this sector that will bring income to the country,” he said.

Information is flowing from both sides about the role of the newly created company and its vocation. However, everything is still in the embryonic stage. Only after holding a few meetings will we know more about the project, although for now we have a brief idea.

the main protagonists

La Côte d’Or International Racecourse and Entertainment Complex Ltd was established on Friday 29 April 2022. The business has eight directors. Some are civil servants, while others are close to the ruling party. Prime Partners Lda provides the secretariat.

Rajkumar Baungally

He is Assistant Attorney General of the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic.

Kreedeo Beekharry known as Dev

He is known to be a collaborator of Jugnauth. He is very close to Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth, but also to his late father Sir Anerood Jugnauth. He has the trust of the head of government. He is currently a Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister’s Office and a member of the board of the Gambling Regulatory Authority. He is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of Airports of Rodrigues Lda.

Sébastien Louis Patrice Diolle

He is not appointed to any board of directors of state-owned companies. But he is known to be close to Finance Minister Renganaden Padayachy. He is often seen on the minister’s ride.

Goolabchund Goburdhun

We hardly hear anything about him, but he was always close to the Militant Socialist Movement (MSM). In addition, he was a candidate for the Sun Party in constituency No. 8 (Bairro Militar/Moka) in 2005, but was not elected. He is currently the Managing Director of State Investment Corporation Ltd. He also has the confidence of the prime minister. He also sits on the board of directors of Airports of Mauritius Ltd. He is the chairman of Port-Louis Fund Ltd.

Naila Kishani Hanoomanjee

She is the cousin by marriage of the prime minister and daughter of former president and now Mauritius ambassador to India Maya Hanoomanjee. She is the Executive Director of Landscope Mauritius, which manages the Côte d’Or lands.

Kalianee Kautic

She is Permanent Assistant Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office. She takes care of the Cabinet Office.

Dharamraz Mohabeer

He was a member of the former Investment Council, which is now the Economic Development Council. It was he who, in 2005, drafted the first version of the investment promotion regulation that led to the introduction of two new schemes: the Real Estate Scheme and the Invest Hotel Scheme. He helped facilitate several important projects on the island. He rose in rank. He is currently the director of the Real Estate and Hospitality section of the Ministry of Finance.

Sohail Javed Ahlaq Ahmad Suhootoorah

He is an important pawn within the Ministry of Finance. He is currently one of the directors of the Economy and Finance section of the aforementioned ministry.

Prime Partners Ltd.

Prime Partners Ltd was founded on June 9, 1997. It is actively involved in providing corporate secretarial, registration, transfer and accounting services on behalf of companies, Trusts and Mutual Funds registered in Mauritius.

Prime Partners Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of State Investment Corporation (SIC) Ltd, which is the investment arm of the government. Most of its customers are SIC subsidiaries or companies linked to this company.

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