CRM at the heart of the manufacturing enterprise

How to optimize the customer experience by going digital? This is what you will learn by attending Mr. Simon Lemire, Partner and Business Development Director at Grupo Lakhos, an event promoted by Granby Industriel, on May 17, 2022.

Objective: Educate sales teams of manufacturing companies to optimize the customer experience through CRM and related technologies. Better understand the relevance of adopting these technologies within your company.

This conference, organized by Simon Lemire, will focus on the digital universe that involves the customer experience, as well as the technologies used, including CRM.

What is a CRM?

The rise of digital marketing is prompting companies to rethink their business development and the customer experience they provide. In a short time, CRM, or customer relationship management system, has established itself as an essential solution offering gains in productivity and profitability.

A CRM is used to streamline customer interactions and digitize business activity and intelligence across your sales, marketing and customer service departments (the famous Customer Experience or CX for the more adventurous).

From an operational point of view, this customer relationship management system helps in better managing the day-to-day tasks that normally require an insane amount of time for an employee to perform. In fact, follow-ups can be automated, data is self-populated, minimizing manual errors or omissions, and interdepartmental communication is standardized and facilitated. Your employees can put their energy into exciting projects for them and help increase the company’s profitability.

Text taken from the article by M. Lemire, A CRM: an essential tool for companies.

Who is this conference for?

  • Manufacturing company with more than 10 employees
  • Sales Team Director/Manager/Coordinator
  • Sales representative
  • general manager

Topics covered

  • What is the customer experience in the manufacturing sector?
  • What is a CRM?
  • The technology ecosystem that revolves around CRM.
  • The importance of data for the optimization of our initiatives.


  • Date and time: Tuesday, May 17, 2022, from 7:30 am to 9:00 am
  • Location: 825, rue Bernard, suite 1, Granby, J2J 0H5.
  • $25, or FREE for Haute-Yamaska ​​companies. Coffee and cakes included.
  • Ticket(s) through the Eventbrite sales system.

The Lakhos Group

The Lakhos group, a digital company dedicated to the manufacturing industry, supports companies in the modernization of the customer experience (CX). It implements CRM ecosystem technologies to increase the efficiency of internal teams and optimize customer touchpoints.

Since 2018, Simon Lemire has been leading the business development of Lakhos. With an innate sense of communication, its main objective is to direct, develop partnerships and guide companies through a strategic and structured process. In other words; make digital change accessible.

You can follow Xperience 4.0, the Lakhos Group Podcast whose official presenter is Mr. Lemire via Youtube and Spotify. Here is the link to the episode about CRM.

Granby Industrial

Granby Industriel’s mission is to guarantee and promote entrepreneurship and the economic and industrial development of its territory, as well as to support and accompany existing manufacturing companies in their growth, needs, challenges and projects (expansion, expansion, relocation, financing, productivity, sustainable development, succession, etc.).

An invitation from MCI Magazine.

Emballeuses et équipement d’emballage

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