Boost your e-commerce brand with a community

E-commerce has experienced rapid development in recent years with an increasing number of online stores. However, it is not always easy to develop an online business in the face of increasingly fierce competition on the Internet.

This is where community building comes in. This is a great way to increase notoriety your brand, your electronic reputation and your turnover. Discover your role in your company’s success here.

The e-commerce community to achieve good segmentation

ONE community can be defined as a group of people, corresponding to a pre-defined profile with a common interest and gathered around a project, product, service or cause conveyed by an entity (individual, company, brand, etc.).

In e-commerce, the community federated by a brand is formed by people interested in the types of products or services it offers. It is therefore made up of leads and prospects. Setting up your community allows you to achieve good segmentation based on criteria relating to your offers.

Which profile of people are they aimed at: parents, women, men, teenagers, entrepreneurs, seniors or e-merchants? Are your values ​​important to them? Are they interested in your services? The answers to these types of questions let you know buyer persona, to entice you to create an easy-to-convert community. This approachable community also allows you to drive qualified traffic to your website’s sales pages.

The community: a powerful channel to boost your brand

Internet visibility is the ultimate solution to boost e-merchant activities. Creating an engaged community is one of the best ways to get to know yourself and build a trusting relationship with your leads..

It is now easier to achieve this through the use of digital marketing solutions such as trustee that improve your image and visibility on the internet.

This is a community building software that offers various services such as product testing campaigns with goals and collecting positive opinions and quality testimonials frominfluencers. In addition, comments and other content generated by your customers (UCG: reviews, product photos, before and after photos, etc.) actively contribute to improving the ranking of your pages in the SERPs.

These technological tools therefore improve the notoriety, e-reputation and visibility of your brand in search engines. This form of community marketing enhances your image, increases your credibility and quickly grows your community to optimize the results of your activities.

Federate a community to be closer to potential customers

Federating your community allows you to stay in touch with some of your potential customers. From there, you can use strategies likeemail marketing to keep you informed of information such as the availability of new products and promotional offers. It’s also a great way to stay in their minds and attract them to your blog. It is one of the main levers of community management as an aside.

By sharing useful information with them, taking a serious interest in their problem, and gently showing empathy, you will strengthen your bonds with your community. She will feel more understood and will be able to lead more easily. actions to encourage your businesspublicize it like your brand ambassadors would.

Plus, if you add real value and meet her needs, she won’t hesitate to make purchases as soon as she can. Your community therefore allows you to significantly improve your conversion rate. Also, its members are easier to maintain. You just need to involve them in your strategies.

Asking them to give their opinions and suggestions about a product, for example, will make them feel important to your brand. The customer opinion being an essential sales vector to build consumer trust. As a result, they will not go to the competition as long as they are satisfied, because you will have positively distinguished yourself from it.

At the same time, knowing the advantages and shortcomings of your services will allow you to improve them. Ultimately, the community is an important pillar for the success of activities of your brand or e-commerce business.

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