Based in Olivet, the soil study company J&P Ingénierie aims for “exponential growth” and seeks to recruit

The geotechnology have the wind in their sails. Since January 1, 2020, in fact, the law of the moment makes it mandatory to study the soil for the sale of land located in areas considered to be of moderate to high risk: shrinkage-swelling of clay, soil movement, etc.

Julien Jerome and Stephane Pierrein front of J&P Engineering, based in Olivet, intend to take advantage of this dynamic market. “Cracks in the structure, due to poor soil, are the first cause of claims compensated by insurance companies”, they recall.

In numbers. According to Julien Jérôme and Stéphane Pierre, who rely on data from the Ministry of Ecological Transition, “more than 384,300 building permits for new housing were filed in France in 2021. And 2,706 in Loirete.


In March 2019, the two men founded J&P developer. This company, focused on land development, becomes a holding company in January 2022, which includes J&P Ingénierie, created in January 2021, and Solverif, its sister company, its “commercial arm”, operating thanks to the franchise system.

His teams check soil strength using a penetrometer and collect soil samples across France.

Those at J&P Ingénierie are responsible for data mining and analysis several samples, in the laboratory: granulometry, hygrometry, etc. They prepare the reports and provide ten-year geotechnical insurance to clients, private individuals or professionals.

Stéphane Pierre and Julien Jérôme, co-founders of J&P Ingénierie. Photo Anne-Laure Le Jan

According to Julien Jérôme and Stéphane Pierre, “growth is exponential”. In March, the two contractors established seventy-two budgets, in the amount of 111,340 euros; in April, ninety-five for 191,484 euros:

“Our commercial approach focused on individual homes. However, we are contacted for many other constructions: 5G antennas, swimming pools, information totems, fire exits… Our turnaround time is less than fifteen days, compared to six to eight weeks in better, in large design offices.”


At the moment, Solverif collaborates with two franchisees. She plans to work with eighteen others in 2023 to a capacity of 5,940 soil studies.

For its part, to support the strong development of its activity, J&P Ingénierie is preparing to hire with vengeance. “We needed an engineer and a laboratory technician per franchisee”, assures Julien Jerome and Stephane Pierre.

Currently, the management team consists of four self-employed persons. The company has four employees. and consider recruit “about twenty people in the coming years, from 2022 to 2024, in engineering and laboratory positions.” For the latter, there is no need for a specific degree:

“We are looking for autonomous people, which we train. The profession is acquired gradually.

Proof, Stéphane Pierre’s butcher will join the team in June! Blandine Barbereau, she arrived on March 7, after thirty-one years working in the accounting field. She takes samples and analyzes.

“I heard on the radio that J&P Ingénierie was hiring. I showed up there spontaneously. Everything went well”, says the one who was trained by her colleague. “I didn’t want to be locked in an office anymore. I’m happy.”

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Anne-Laure LeJan

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