ZFE, Huîtrière, croquettes… The 20 news of the week in Lille

Discover the 20 new arrivals not to be missed in Lille (Nord) this week. (©Lille News)

Oyster farm, ZFE, quequetterie or even beer and delicious croquettes… week was rich in news in Lille (Nord). Here it is 20 things you shouldn’t miss.

The 20 news of the week in Lille

Opening. Club 24, the new cultural space soon to be opened in the heart of Lille
Club 24 will soon be the new cultural venue to watch in Lille. Exhibitions, readings, concerts and many other activities are planned every month.

IN IMAGES, IN PHOTOS. Behind the scenes at the Méo-Fichaux roaster factory in La Madeleine
Méo-Fichaux has opened the backstage of its coffee factory in La Madeleine (Nord) in Lille news. Grain reception, cleaning, roasting…. We show you around!

Lille. Avenue du Peuple Belge will be transformed: choose from these four scenarios
Avenue du Peuple Belge, in the heart of Lille, is starting its transformation. Four scenarios are proposed to the inhabitants, who will be able to give their opinion in May 2022.

Wildfire in Lille: a municipal agent dies, the mayor of Portel pays tribute to him
A raging fire broke out on the night of April 26, 2022, claiming the life of one of the six victims. He is a municipal employee of Portel, to whom the mayor pays tribute.

Lille. Emmanuel Macron received Lille socks… with his head up!
Just before his re-election, Emmanuel Macron received a funny gift: socks with his head in them. A pair created by a Lille company you may know.

Old Lille. Opening of a new brand on the historic Oyster Bed
L’Huîtrière, so characteristic of the rue des Chats bossus, in the heart of Vieux-Lille, will receive a great French luxury brand… which was located a few streets away.

In Lille, you will soon be able to taste Koboon’s Thai specialties
New gourmet address alert in Lille (Nord)! Koboon will soon open its doors, rue Pierre Mauroy. On the menu: Thai specialties.

Lille. Seven years after its opening, the bar Le Comptoir de Cana will close its doors
After 7 years of existence, the only bar run by Christians in Lille (Nord), the Comptoir de Cana, will close its doors. The announcement was made on Sunday, April 24, 2022.

That’s why RC Lens supporters will soon have to shout “Allez Lille! »
The opposition is historic between the two clubs. However, at the end of the 2021-2022 season, many RC Lens fans will have to cheer for Lille to win!

In Lille, you can (finally!) taste Team Croquette’s homemade croquettes
Those who follow them closely await this moment with impatience. On Friday, April 22, 2022, Team Croquette opened its doors in Lille, in the République district.

This Lille resident will represent the North in the final of a national brewery contest!
Emilion Buisset will represent the North in the final of a national brewery competition on May 10th in Paris. He will have to show the extent of his knowledge about beers!

IN IMAGES, IN PHOTOS. In place of Monoprix, Bolia opened rue Faidherbe in Lille
Discover in photos the decoration and furniture brand Bolia, which replaced the Monoprix on rue Faidherbe in Lille (Nord). The store opened on Thursday, April 28.

A motorcyclist dies after a collision with a garbage truck in Wattignies
A motorcycle rider lost his life, after a collision with a dumpster, Thursday, April 28, 2022 in Wattignies (Nord). Firefighters were unable to revive him.

Seven new international lines this summer departing Lille Airport with Volotea
This Thursday, April 28, 2022, Lille Airport (Nord), located in Lesquin, announces that seven new international lines will open this summer, with the company Volotea. Details.

Student in Lille, Timothée prepares to cross Africa by bike for Les Petits Princes association
A journey of 20,000 km. That’s what Timothée, a student from Lille, is preparing for a bike trip to South Africa for sick children. An ambitious project!

Lille. Anthony and Axel open Référence Immo, a real estate company that wants to be friendly and environmentally friendly
At 132 TER rue Royale in Lille (Nord) an opening is being prepared. The one from the Reference Immo agency, born out of a friendship and which wants to be as eco-responsible as possible.

Shield raised in front of the Eiffage after authorization to expand Lille airport
This Friday, April 29, 2022, a banner was posted at Eiffage’s offices. Why ? The future expansion of Lille-Lesquin airport is displeasing and mobilizing.

The ZFE extended to the 95 municipalities of the metropolis of Lille: Crit’air 4 and 5 will no longer be able to circulate
The low-emissions zone (ZFE) will no longer cover just 11 municipalities in the metropolis of Lille, but the 95 that comprise it, announced the MEL.

La Quequetterie arrives in Lille: here is the opening date!
Many Lille residents have been waiting for this, the Quequetterie finally opens its doors in early May 2022. A date that will arrive sooner than you might think!

A new residence for women victims of violence in Lille
In the district of Lille Fives, a residence was opened for women victims of spousal violence. 34 homes are now available to these women.

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