To recruit at Cotentin, companies compete in imagination to attract candidates

ACE multiplies recruitment initiatives: videos of employees, intervention in schools… The objective: to make the company known and the job possibilities it offers. (©La Presse de la Manche)

” We have difficulties in hiring, and in any position! » The speech of recruiters is often similar. at Cotentinthere is one unemployment, and the difficulty is present in all areas. Catering, hairdressing, construction, industry, personal services… there are offers for everyone.

Faced with this realization, companies compete on imagination and initiative to attract candidates.

Intervention in schools

ACE, for example, chose to intervene in schools. “We organize workshops in Doucet’s 3rd year elementary and high school class to explain and present our work”, explains Agathe Turrou, human resources manager at ACE Altrad Endel.

“We work in schools, organize open days… The idea is really to make known the company and the jobs it offers so that today’s students think of us tomorrow, when they reach the job market, and that they know development perspectives” , adds Isabelle Beaubras, human resources manager at Ponticelli.

Industry crafts lack notoriety and companies are trying to overcome the problem. “Who dreams of becoming an HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) Manager in Grade 9? ask human resource managers.

However, there are real vacancies, development perspectives… It is enough to make the profession known and promote.

Same story for plumbers, boilermakers…

Make yourself known by all means

To reach an even wider audience, all companies are also breaking into social media. “We present to you Salomé, our new sailboat recruit”, publishes Ax Sail before concluding the portrait with: “We are currently looking for a sailboat technician, come and apply for our offer! »

Videos: currently on Actu

Like her, many recruiters showcase their employees and their professional development on social media.

“I have a colleague who is on social media a lot and who posts video ads, for example. We discovered then that they were seen more in fact”, analyzes Mégane Durel, from the agency Atuação Actual. You must very quickly put the pictures of the missing trades online as well.

We are obliged to try to stand out, attract candidates and all profiles. The job offer is so tight that companies that were normally loyal to their temp agency are no longer loyal. As long as a company offers a profile with the requested work, it doesn’t matter who has to do it!

Job finding, another way to recruit

To find their rare pearl, companies are also increasing their communication actions. More and more people participate, for example, in job fairs and other work meetings.
This Wednesday, April 27, 2022, at La Cité de la Mer in Cherbourg, 24 companies settled around the tables to welcome people looking for work. “We have many requests from companies to participate, and we even had to refuse some because we didn’t have more space”, explains Laurence Ballot, communication manager for La Presse de la Manche and responsible for organizing the event.

Rewarding efforts
“You have to be visible. Showing up like that at fairs is a good way to make yourself known”, explains Petty Officer Gilles, responsible for recruitment for the Navy. They bet a lot on these events and even on the most popular parties. “For example, we will have a stand at the Drheam Cup, the 20th anniversary of La Cité de la mer or Fête de la mer,” he explains. We want to make it known that the Navy has 50 possible jobs! »
Armed with resumes and cover letters, candidates follow each other around the recruiters’ desk. “We had three résumés, but there are three people with a permanent contract who are currently measuring the temperature of the work card”, explains Mégane Durel, sales representative at the interim agency Actual.
“We do several every year and sometimes we don’t have CVs at the end of the day. Within an hour, I already had several candidates with very interesting profiles! assures the Caisse d’Epargne, I’ve even sent a message to my boss to tell him! »
The hours spent getting to know candidates can sometimes pay off. At the stands of large contractors, the queue is getting longer…

The use of headhunters

Others still resort to head hunters. Caisse d’Epargne, for example, is organizing three job fairs in the coming weeks in Le Havre, Caen and Rouen. Candidates are already actively sought after by a specialized company to be invited to the event. “This allows us to have the profiles we are looking for”, explains the bank. A real deal.

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