on which platforms to sell your products

For brands, social networks are essential sales channels. A global study published by consultancy Accenture showed that 64% of surveyed social media users said they had made a purchase via social commerce in 2021. In France, 32% of consumers say they have already purchased directly from a social network, according to a survey. study carried out by Salsify.

As the practice promises to expand more and more, along with the increased use of social media platforms, find out which platforms are available and what their benefits are.


With 2.9 billion monthly active users worldwide, Facebook presents important opportunities for brands. The platform thus participates in social commerce with Facebook Shops, which brings together a set of features that allow brands to create a personalized storefront so that users can browse, discover and buy their products from Facebook and Instagram.

Among the cool features for social commerce offered by Facebook Stores:

  • Create collections and decide which products to highlight,
  • Give users the possibility to access your store from your Facebook page or your Instagram profile, but also from content in the news feed, stories or Facebook Live,
  • Quickly answer users’ questions, allowing them to get in touch with brands via Messenger or WhatsApp,
  • Track sales performance or product popularity with information available in Sales Manager.


Very focused on the visual side of things, Instagram is one of the platforms where internet users buy more spontaneously. In fact, according to a study by Bazaarvoice, users come to Instagram for shopping inspiration and are likely to buy what they see in their feed.

The platform offers Instagram Shopping, a set of features that allows brands and businesses to provide users with an immersive storefront to discover their products. Among the main features:

  • A customizable storefront to shop directly from a professional Instagram profile,
  • Shopping tags to present products from a catalog and that redirect users to a website or app, usable in a post, story or Reels,
  • A store tab that provides access to identified merchant content offered by brands or designers,
  • A product detail page that shows information such as price and description taken from a product catalog.


Benefiting from a partnership with the e-commerce platform Shopify, Pinterest is a platform that also bets on social commerce. The social network that has become known for its inspiring visuals and creative aspect opens up many possibilities for social commerce, mainly through features such as:

  • Product Pins to offer products on the platform,
  • The “Verified Merchants Program” which aims to promote the profiles of verified merchants with a seal that allows for better identification,
  • A virtual storefront created in the Shopping tab for verified merchant profiles,
  • The ability to label products in Pins, to specify the name of a product or its price,
  • The creation of slideshows to present the products dynamically,
  • Visual product search through Lens feature that shows similar products to an image and where to buy them.


The photo and video sharing app also leverages social commerce. Snapchat offers public profiles, an opportunity for brands to have an organic presence on the platform and promote their products. The social network also has augmented reality features, available through the app’s camera and allowing brands to create Lenses through Lens Web Builder.

Among the cool features to deploy social commerce on Snapchat:

  • public profiles that allow brands to offer useful and attractive content,
  • Lens experiences that allow users to try on items using the in-app camera
  • AR purchase lenses that allow you to indicate the price, description and link of a product.


In 2021, TikTok reached the 1 billion monthly visitors mark on its platform and stands out as the fastest growing brand throughout the year, according to Brand Finance. The platform benefits from a partnership with Shopify that allows it to offer TikTok Shopping, an integrated commerce solution that should soon be available in France. Professional accounts can thus create native ads and a showcase profile for their products directly on TikTok.

While waiting for the deployment of TikTok Shopping, the social network has a very special aura, especially with its hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, which was very successful in 2021 and which shows the platform’s influence on purchases. Community commerce is also one of TikTok’s priorities for 2022.

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