The management of the VAFC fixed by the labor inspectorate!

In difficulty on the ground with a sixteenth place far from the goals of the beginning of the season and maintenance still far from being assured, in financial difficulty with a protection measure taken with the commercial court and the appointment of a legal administrator, the VAFC it must also deal with internal turmoil following complaints from various employees about their working conditions. Seized by members of the social and economic commission of the VAFC, the labor inspectorate of Hainaut Cambrésis carried out a survey of the workers and presented a very scathing report. Revelations.

An investigation after reports

Alerted in late 2021 following an article published by our 20 Minutes colleagues, the labor inspection had been seized to take stock of working conditions at the VAFC. The body then questioned SASP employees as well as its direction on January 12, January 19 and February 3, 2022. The first conclusions were then addressed during an oral interview with the club’s deputy general manager, Matthieu Boidin , the March 10, 2022, ahead of the submission of a written report on psychosocial risks (RPS) within the VAFC. next week. This will not be made available to employees until mid-April, more than one month after receipt by club management.

Excerpt from the labor inspection report on psychosocial risks (RPS) in the VAFC

The 11 Valenciennes managed to obtain this document highlighting a whole series of dysfunctions within the company led by Eddy Zdziech. As we mentioned last January, VAFC employees lack training in the economic aspect, but mainly in everything related to occupational health. These training courses, although mandatory for all members of a company, were not carried out by VAFC employees. Some of these employees are also deployed on game nights outside of working hours. These overtime hours are, in most cases, unpaid and are compensated for by no additional charges. These extra hours are possible because there is no working hour counting tool within the company.

A damning report for the VAFC

It is, therefore, impossible to estimate their working time, or even to know what positions employees are assigned to. Indeed, to compensate for the lack of staff, some workers find themselves in a situation of overload of work and they clearly report this to the labor inspectorate. These “versatile” employees must solve certain positions, such as box office or human resources, a position that no longer exists in the company. Therefore, it is the employees, often unqualified for these tasks, who must take responsibility for them. The Covid crisis amplified certain dysfunctions, following the partial dismissal of some employees. During this period, an injustice was experienced by the employees, who saw association volunteers replacing them or new faces arriving at the club when they themselves were removed.

Excerpt from the labor inspection report on psychosocial risks (RPS) in the VAFC

One injustice among many others. During the move of the club’s premises from the Hainaut stadium to Mont-Houy, these same officials were not consulted. In addition, the current working conditions generate a “full general”. Relocated in makeshift facilities, six employees sometimes find themselves in temporary bungalows. A situation that, according to our information, should last at least until next October, and that has caused concern” amid the fifth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic“, specifies the labor inspection report, although it also states that ” the telework implemented, however, made it possible to limit the simultaneous presence of the 6 employees without making it completely obsolete.

Finally, there is general frustration with the salary freeze for many employees. Despite some changes in positions, with different responsibilities, the desired salary increases are not enforced by management. A heavy atmosphere that has been reinforced since the alleged attack on Belhouari, an employee of the VAFC, on the night of the Coupe de France match between Feignies-Aulnoye and Paris Saint-Germain. For fear of reprisals, some employees say they do not take a position on the matter and even dissociate themselves from Mr. Belhouari.

Excerpt from the labor inspection report on psychosocial risks (RPS) in the VAFC

A month and a half after the club’s management became aware of this report, and still according to our information, nothing has been done to remedy these deficiencies. However, some recommendations were suggested by the labor inspectorate, such as the regularization of the framework and means of work, the regulation of working hours per worker or the training of workers on their rights. ” I invite you to configure, without delay, the tools needed to count working time. Otherwise, it exposes itself to administrative or criminal sanctions with a maximum fine of €4,000 per employee affected by the violation (article L.8115-1 et seq.“, further specifies the work inspection report as an alert.

And while the sale of the club has been much talked about since Tuesday night, that news would have been greeted with great relief by most staff. It is, therefore, in this context that is particularly heavy at all levels and with real doubts about the future that VAFC is currently fighting for its maintenance in Ligue 2.

Arthur LASSERON with Romain PECHON

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