Territorial start in Besançon

A national network at the service of committed entrepreneurs, France Active’s mission is ” accelerate the success of entrepreneurs by giving them the means to engage “. In Besançon, the territorial association is active… Meeting with Sébastien Morel, director of France Active France-Comté.

Thanks to a team of 17 employees, France Active Franche-Comté supports entrepreneurs whose ambition is to build a more united society. Among the various missions that Sébastien Morel leads, we find support for local authorities: ” We support local authorities on topics, in order to bring to light collective projects that meet the needs of the territory, or resources to be valued by the territory.he explains,The ultimate goal is to mobilize all stakeholders around this topic to turn it into an entrepreneurial project. “.

It is with this same spirit that the event was conceived Territory initialization which will be held in Besançon on the 7th of June” For us it is an approach to entrepreneurial animation of a territory “.

“Imagine the Great Besançon of tomorrow”

To understand the Territory Start Up approach, one has to go back to October 2021, when France Active Franche-Comté started the first phase of the event, which was a harvest phase.

The idea was to meet people and identify needs, dreams and initiatives to emerge in the Greater Besançon Métropole territory. The entry we had made was “Imagine the Great Besançon of tomorrow” so that people can project themselves in new needs that may arise in the territory. These needs respond both to territorial issues and to social, social, climatic issues, etc. We need to be able to take all these elements into account in our approach.

Thus, in February, the territorial association collected more than 250 ideas, transformed into themes and which finally gave rise to 18 challenges that will be presented during the night of June 7 at Kursaal, to allow everyone to sign up around a challenge. ” In the evening we will trace a certain number of tracks, but then there is a whole work of animation that we will continue with the group in order to guarantee that the project takes shape in Grand Besançon. “, says Sébastien Morel.

the themes


  • Art here!
  • Arter
  • Enjoy a traveling concert


  • How to improve the mobility of the most fragile?
  • All to school by bike!
  • Teepark


  • What will the aging place of tomorrow look like?
  • 1 roof, 1 job, 1 meal for everyone, all the time: how do we make this possible?
  • How to innovate in terms of access to care and health?

Live together

  • canteen of the world
  • Placing gender issues at the center of the territory: what project to imagine?
  • Volunteering has a future, how can you guarantee it?

let’s grow up tomorrow

  • How to raise awareness and train young audiences to become actors of tomorrow?
  • How to link existing initiatives to have more impact?
  • Local and solidarity preserves

Consume differently

  • How to stimulate the exchange of knowledge and practices to move towards a more responsible consumption?
  • How can we promote the talents of our local artisans?
  • How to promote reuse in the Grande Besançon Métropole?

Workshop details and registration

On this evening’s program, a forum of inspiring initiatives (5:00 pm to 6:30 pm) with the presence of Ulterïa and Jeanne’s house, ” The idea is that we can present both Territory Start Ups initiatives elsewhere in France, as well as initiatives that we, at the level of France Active Franche-Comté, have supported in recent years. », a creativity phase (6:30 pm to 10:00 pm), but also cultural highlights throughout the night.

Does one of the themes echo your values?
Don’t wait to register for the workshop! Applications are open until May 25th.

practical information

Open to everyone from 18 years old.

Applications until May 25th

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