Purchase, insurance, maintenance… how much does an electric car cost?

To buy an electric car, you have to pay a certain price. But in the long run, you save money by avoiding major maintenance.

There are several reasons why you might want to switch to an electric car. Historically high prices at the pump, all fuels combined (€1.96/litre for unleaded 95-E10 on average, €2.11/litre for diesel, as of March 25) can put you off. State aid also promotes the switch to electricity. The ecological bonus (up to 6,000 euros), the conversion bonus (up to 5,000 euros), the tax credit for installing a charging station at home…

Since the beginning of 2022, sales have soared. as remembered the parisian, in the first two months, 23,671 electric cars were registered (against 14,896 in 2021), or 10.8% market share (against 5.8%). In addition, 315,978 electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles were registered in France in 2021, an increase of +62% compared to 2020. Compared to 2019, the increase is even more impressive +355%.

Dacia offers electric car for less than 18,000 euros

To buy an electric car, you have to pay a certain price. In general, in relation to the best-selling models, such as The Tesla Model 3, whose price is displayed from 43,800 euros (ecological bonus not included), the bar is more than 30,000 euros in cash purchase. The rent however is at least 150 euros/month in leasing. Only Dacia’s Spring car breaks the market, offered from 17,690 euros (ecological bonus of 4,776 euros not deducted).

The move towards electric is a key trend, accelerated by rising fuel prices and the establishment of low-emission zones (ZFE)analyzes Romain Boscher, general manager of Aramisauto, a leader in second-hand sales. Last week we sold twice as many electric cars as in previous weeks. The Renault Zoé, marketed in 2013, is one of the main successes in the used car market. At Aramisauto, a 2016 Zoé, 28,448 km on the clock, is on sale for 9,990 euros, but the battery is then rented. With battery included, a Zée 2020, with 11,322 km on the clock, is on sale for 22,990 euros.

cheaper maintenance

In addition, the electric car saves a lot of maintenance. No clutch, no oil, no gearbox… Everything is mechanically simple. Another advantage: the brakes deteriorate less quickly. A general overhaul of a thermal model costs on average between 250 and 300 €, depending on the models and versions. According to the National Association for the Development of Electric Mobility (Avere), the maintenance budget for electric cars would be reduced by half compared to thermal models. An owner would thus save an average of almost €4,000 over the entire lifetime of their vehicle.

The electric motor never failsenthuses Arnaud Pigounides, founder of Retrofuture, a retrofit start-up (replacing a vehicle’s internal combustion engine with a battery-powered engine). Only risk: battery failure, but these are usually covered by a warranty. »

A complaint to take into account

On the other hand, the insurance premium will cost you more. ” The difference is partially offset by the abolition of the tax on insurance contracts (TCAS) by the state for green vehicles, which normally weighs 20% of the premium. “says Christophe Dandois, co-founder of Leocare, 100% online insurance. It is always possible to benefit from promotional offers, with insurers also investing in the ecological aspect. When it comes to luxury cars, on the other hand, the premium rises to at least €1,000 a year, to an average in France of €600.

However, beware of the loss experience. ” the driverss are amazed at the power of these carssays Olivier Moustacakis, co-founder of AssurLand. The cost of repairs is also higher, mainly because there is a lot of aluminum in the body, innovative technologies and few authorized workshops. “Regarding the full of electricity, EDF is counting” less than 2 euros/100 km in electric compared to more than 10 euros/100 km traveled in thermal car “. That way, you’ll cut your fuel bill by three or four.

On the cost of electricity, at the Ministry of Finance, a senior official admits that the current evolution of the French car fleet will represent a headache for public accounts: “ On the day when the vast majority of cars switch to electric cars, the State will absolutely have to compensate for the 40 and a few billion euros that fuel taxes bring it. A new tax system will have to be invented. »

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