Kandbaz, the number 1 in business domiciliation!

The entrepreneurial adventure, what a life experience! Whether you are entering the workforce or embarking on professional training, you will experience an exciting adventure in both cases. Make no mistake: the path is often full of pitfalls. The daily life of the entrepreneur is full of difficulties, problems to solve, extended working hours… Before having the full and complete freedom of the self-employed, you will have to choose the legal form that corresponds to your business project. , open a professional bank account or even domicile your structure… You can imagine: every day, you will have to step out of your comfort zone! To optimize your chances of success, carefully select the partner who will accompany you throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

Who is Kandbaz, the partner of entrepreneurs?

Do you have a business project? Are you a seasoned business leader? Then you’ve come to the right place. Kandbaz, a business domiciliation company, and more broadly from DomTech, facilitates planning management for business leaders from all walks of life.

Online business domiciliation with Kandbaz

The incorporation of a company implies compliance with certain legal provisions, such as the obligation of domiciliation. In fact, to become a business manager, you must have a professional address. This is where Kandbaz comes in. Thanks to its online service, home your business in just a few minutes! We have renowned addresses throughout the country: Paris, Lyon, Rennes, Montpellier, Reunion Island, etc.

Commercial domiciliation has many advantages, including enriching the company’s reputation. Indeed, the place of establishment is a guarantee of seriousness and credibility. Yes, it can also contribute to the influence of your activity across the country, or even on the continent!

In addition, when you domicile your business through an approved agency, you can also select the methods of managing your mail. To save precious time, opt for dematerialization. You will receive scans of your email in real time.

Kandbaz, DomTech Specialist

Kandbaz services are not limited to business domiciliation. In fact, you can benefit from many services that aim to make your life easier:

  • Renting a furnished office or meeting room. Rent a room for a personalized duration! Our offer adapts perfectly to your needs.
  • business creation. This step is one of the most complex in your entrepreneurial adventure. That’s why we take care of everything!
  • Complying with legal formalities. Headquarters transfer? Name change? Kandbaz, a local company, accompanies you!
  • the telephone service. What’s better than delegating incoming calls? Everyone is a winner: your customers have a privileged interlocutor and you can focus on priority tasks.
  • Administrative secretariat management. No more time-consuming tasks that poison your life!
  • telephony operations. You can trust us with your telemarketing operations, with complete peace of mind.
  • legal assistance. A legal concern? Call our experts.

Kandbaz, a cutting-edge convenience company at the forefront of innovation

Who hides behind the curtains of Kandbaz, number 1 in business domiciliation? Want to know more ? Discover everything there is to know about our startup’s state of mind!

People at the heart of our ambitions

Above all, Kandbaz continues to be a human-scale company, concerned with the well-being of its partners and employees. Our talents support you daily in the various aspects of business management. Our goal ? Simplify your task so that you can focus on what is important: developing your business and promoting your brand throughout the national territory (and beyond!).

Need more proximity? Surfing the web is not your cup of tea? Don’t worry, this is not a problem. You can contact us by phone. At Kandbaz, there’s no question of being on hold for hours! We are committed to remaining available and fully attentive to your needs.

the will to innovate

To help you carry out your projects, our company relies on your propensity for innovation. All subscriptions are done online. Likewise, you can manage your services from your myKandbaz secure space. Accessible from your computer or smartphone, manage your services independently. Plus, you save a lot of phone calls!

Startup 2.0, Kandbaz continues its progress. To support the creators of the future, we lend our ears and regularly renew our practices.

So, ready to collaborate with Kandbaz? From now on, accelerate your growth and focus on the essentials. Delegating is often a wise decision. The daily life of the entrepreneur is composed of tedious tasks, whose processing can harm the company’s functioning. Want to manage your structure while being accompanied? Call Kandbaz, the professional at the service of your peers!

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