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8 million customers and more than 3,000 employees in Europe, 1.1 billion euros in turnover in 2021, growth of 1,100% in 5 years… figures worthy of the European leader in affinity insurance: the Indexia group. For more than two decades, Indexia has been a leader in the design of products and services in the world of telephony, multimedia and the Web in Europe. In France, the group led by Sadri Fegaier ranks first among the top 25 in terms of revenue on the list of French growth champions in 2022, surpassing one billion euros in revenue thanks to its international development plan and the creation of its own network. of distribution.

Who is Indexia?

since your creation They exist more than 20 yearsIndexia has managed to position itself as important European player in the distribution of affinity insurance products dedicated to telephony. Initially present in France, the group expanded its activity to Europe, where it is today the undisputed leader in affinity insurance. A continental success that is explained by its expertise in distribution networks, combined with a formidable ability to adapt to changes in the technology market and changes in consumption habits. index also gives a prominent place toinnovationoffering services and products unprecedentedaligned with the needs of consumers in an increasingly connected world.

Alongside the expansion of its business in France and Europe, index implemented a strategy to diversify its activities. The group is now present in many areas, such as turnkey website creation services, repair and recycling of multimedia devices, distribution of new and refurbished high-tech products, loyalty programs, etc.

Today, the Indexia Group has more than 8 million customers in Europe, for a turnover of almost 1.26 billion euros in 2022. In addition, the group supports 2,500 partners across Europe, in this case in France, Spain , Switzerland, Portugal, Belgium, Italy and the Czech Republic, countries where the company occupies a leading position in the affinity insurance market. In addition to the headquarters located in Romans-sur-Isère, Indexia has facilities in Roanne, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Geneva and Brussels, and employs over 3,000 staff allocated to provide local service to its French and European customers.

Indexia was created by Sadri Fegaier, the youngest billionaire in France who, with hard work and innovation, managed to elevate his group to the position of European leader in its sector of activity…

Indexia’s Mission: “Simplifying the Connected Life of Consumers”

Indexia sums up its mission in one sentence: offer solutions to simplify your customers’ connected lives. For this, the group is constantly attentive to the markets in which it is present and closely monitors the economic and cultural evolution of its surroundings. Objective: to design tailor-made offers, according to the real expectations of consumers at a local level. For this, the Indexia Group mobilizes its network of partners, with whom it works in close collaboration. Indexia is not the European market leader in affinity insurance by chance. It is thanks to this work of anticipating customer needs, mastery of distribution networks, its sense of innovation and local and quality service that it managed to establish its leadership in Europe. Thanks to recognized know-how, Indexia has managed, in its 20 years of existence, to develop cutting-edge expertise in the design and omnichannel distribution of services related to telephony, multimedia and the Web.

Indexia Group Values

Indexia’s growth engine? a body of key valueson which the company built its development: respect, quality, innovation and agility. These values ​​constitute the roadmap that guides the company’s development plans, but also its relationships with its customers, employees and partners. To better adapt to the needs and habits of consumers in each country where it operates, the group wants to defend a local approach, which translates into the recruitment of teams directly in those countries, which ensures a local service.


Indexia firmly believes that entrepreneurship is above all a human adventure, a conviction that is materialized in the establishment of relationships of trust with all stakeholders and in the appreciation of each client, employee and partner. Indexia wants to be a group at the service of others, demonstrating respect and kindness, fundamental values ​​for the company, at the heart of its identity.


In the constant search for excellence, Indexia insists on offering reliable, personalized and quality services, aligned with the needs of consumers. Aware that quality is an ongoing process, the group has established precise indicators so that its teams can constantly control, measure and improve the quality of the services offered by the brand.


Success is reinventing yourself daily. Innovation is the engine that drives the company, through a culture that encourages the creativity of teams, establishing a framework where, individually or collectively, everyone can show boldness and dynamism. Innovating also means anticipating, an area in which Indexia excels, namely when creating tomorrow’s affinity insurance offers.


Agility is what has allowed Indexia, in its 20 years of existence, to constantly adapt to changes in consumption habits and changes in the economic, technological and cultural environment. Resolutely pragmatic, the group knows how to adapt to each new situation. Even better, he knows how to learn from it to turn it into an opportunity for renewal and development. This ability to continuously and quickly adjust its processes and methods is one of the Indexia Group’s greatest strengths.

Indexia Group, French growth champion

Indexia Group won the award for the top 25 turnover in the 2022 French growth champions listone list compiled by Statista in the name of Les Ecos newspaper. The European leader in affinity insurance has been rewarded for its remarkable consistency, having exceeded €1 billion in turnover in 2020. In its growth momentum, the company led by Sadri Fegaier has also expanded across Europe, with a annual growth rate exceptional way of 62.36%. By the end of 2021, the company already has 100 stores, plans to have 200 by the end of 2022 and about 500 in 3 years, of which 30-40% are franchised. The Indexia Group also ranked second on the same list in the “Insurance and Assistance” category, driven by record growth of 328% in 3 years.

5 consecutive years on the HappyAtWork list

Indexia Group is a company where life is good. For the fifth consecutive year, the company is once again in the HappyAtWork Awards from companies where it’s good to work, a sign of the importance that the group attaches to the achievement of its employees. Whether at the head office in Romans-sur-Isère or in Mably, employees benefit from facilities specially designed for their satisfaction, with comfortable individual workspaces, with quality equipment: adapted telephony, ergonomic seats, curved anti-fatigue screens… No, that’s all . Group employees can enjoy numerous relaxation and leisure areas, including a modern cafeteria, a company restaurant, a fitness room accessible during breaks and with 650 parking spaces, a multipurpose room, etc.

This quality of working life was rewarded with obtaining the HappyTrainees sticker, which confirms the quality of reception, management and training of interns and work-study collaborators. An active advocate of entrepreneurship and the 100% French economy, the Indexia Group has created its own business schools to promote the employment of young people, but also to help them chart their course and develop their talent.

Indexia, 100% local anchoring

recruit locally ensure proximity to its customers, such is Indexia’s vision. Since its creation in 1999 by Sadri Fegaier, the company has always supported the recruitment of teams directly in France and in the countries where the brand is established. In a context where the trend is more towards relocation, Indexia chose to develop locally, thus contributing to the dynamism of the territories in which the group is present.

The local roots of Indexia also results in total business internalization within the group (design, customer management, training, etc.). This is particularly the case for the brand’s repair center, internalized and located in France. This is what allows index to provide a reliable, fast, efficient and quality service, in an electrical appliance repair and reconditioning workshop with more than 100 technicians at the Romans-sur-Isère premises, whose mission is to take care of policyholders of equipment in the best conditions. At Indexia, local roots also mean the desire to get closer to customers, to offer them human support.

Indexia recruits 2,350 permanent employees in Europe

After having supported employability during the health crisis, Indexia continues its momentum and continues its expansion in the countries where the group is established, always with the conviction of internalizing the professions and anchoring recruitment locally. To support your exceptional growth, Indexia plans to recruit 2,350 new employees on open-ended contracts in Europe, including 1,500 in France, including salespeople, phone consultants, technicians specializing in device repair, support functions, etc. 150 in Belgium.

Hubside.Store is a subsidiary of the Indexia group

Indexia, member of French Tech Next40/120 Class 2022

To conclude, driven by its capacity for innovation and its exceptional growth rate, index has became member from the prestigious Class of 2022 at French Tech Next 40/120the follow-up program for the cream of the french tech startups. ” We actively advocate for entrepreneurship and Made in France “remembers Sadri Fegaier. This nomination is also the result of Indexia’s active contribution to the international promotion of “Made in France” and of its formidable ability to develop its ecosystem.

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