“Grave Beau”, a new woodcutting and engraving micro-business in Creuse

Why not ? After all, if your daughters liked it, others might agree. This is the story of “Grave Beau”, the micro-enterprise created by Franck Dagois in early February of this year. His wood works are now available for sale on the internet.

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The father of the family retraces his trajectory: “I started at home, from a personal point of view, just over a year ago”. He then bought the machine to make prototypes for his two young daughters, then for his friends and family. “I liked it and they liked it,” he returns. Then the question from the company came to him: “It’s a shame I can’t sell them,” he told himself.

This interest in machines doesn’t come out of nowhere, Franck Dagois comes from a professional bachelor’s degree as a machining technician. The field of programming and digital technology had already conquered him, but engraving, “not especially, is a discovery”.

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One goal: do it all yourself

Two weeks ago, he created the site without prior training: “I didn’t want to go through someone else to make the site and depend on that person”.
Born in Guéret, Creusois also had to install software for his laser cutting machine and thus discovered the world of printing.

But he hasn’t stopped working full-time on the side. “The good thing about a micro-enterprise is that you can start without taking too many risks”, says Franck Dagois.

Supply according to demand

Because the creation of the site already serves to “see the demand, take the temperature”. The site is installed on the Shopify platform, which allows you to “see where people are connecting from, some are in the Paris region, others in Biarritz”.
Your projects? “If it works, of course I have ambitions”, but for Franck Dagois, “it’s far away”.

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For now, he has orders, thanks to word of mouth. Of all kinds, even because as he assures us, “normally, I can do everything”. With his laser cutting machine, he can manage creations up to 70 x 50 centimeters. If the desire – and the request – led him, he could make creations in copper or marble.

For his daughters, he started with key chains, adorned with the words “thank you ma’am” for the end of the school year, then he tried Christmas balls. He is now diversifying into orders and customers: “I have the idea of ​​making a jack for a friend who likes petanque and someone contacted me to offer wedding corks to their guests”.

Creations are customizable from A to Z.

Frank Dagois (empty)

But on his website? At the moment, it is aimed “especially at young mothers, with decorative objects for children’s rooms”. Time to develop your social media presence.

Charlotte Mathiot

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