Ecological transition meetings: more than 200 companies

300 consultations in one morning! This is what participants at the Green Transition Business Meetings were waiting for, on Friday, April 22, 2022, at the Region’s headquarters in Saint-Ouen (93). An event organized by the Île-de-France Region (through the Paris Region Business Club), the Solar Impulse Foundation, whose president, the explorer Bertrand Piccard, was present, Choose Paris Region, the ETI Club and the National Purchasing Council.

Any 200 companiesdivided between buyers and sellerswere gathered on this occasion around issues of profitable eco-responsible purchasing to reduce its environmental impact.

Whether in reusable packaging, green mobility, renewable energy or construction waste treatment, everyone was there to discover or propose solutions and establish business relationships.

Another possibility was offered to these actors mobilized for the ecological transition with a vision, an intention and convictions: turn your commitments into actions through fruitful collaborations.

We have to show that protecting the environment is exciting, it’s unifying, it’s economically profitable and it creates jobs. »

Bertrand Piccard

President of the Solar Impulse Foundation

Bertrand Piccard, President of the Solar Impulse Foundation and Sylvie Mariaud, Vice President of the Region responsible for Social and Solidarity Economy and Responsible Purchasing.

A partnership for sustainable innovation between the Region and the Solar Impulse Foundation

The Île-de-France Region and the Solar Impulse Foundation, chaired by Bertrand Piccard, have been involved in a partnership around the ecological transition since the first COP Ile-de-France Region for the climate, which took place in September 2020.

A stakeholder alongside the Region during these green transition business meetings, the Solar Impulse Foundation, which promotes a “ qualitative growth » already identified more than 1,400 environmentally beneficial and cost-effective solutions worldwide.

Of these 1,400 solutions already sold and evaluated by independent experts, approximately 180 are from Ile-de-France. Some of them were represented at this event.

Participated, testify to their commitment to the ecological transition

  • Antoine de la Bouillerie, director of Qalway

A branch dedicated to renewable heat from the company Qarnot, Qalway proposes to heat buildings, heating networks, swimming pools, in an ecological way, valuing the heat emitted by computer servers.

“We offer a solution to provide ecological heat simply and efficiently, without intermissions and at stable prices over 15 to 20 years. And for our IT customers (banks, animation studios, etc.), it’s a way to decarbonise their IT activity, reducing their carbon footprint by 80%. There is also a sovereign aspect, because our company is French. Our facilities are in France, while the main players in the sector are American. »

  • François Paulino, purchasing director of the Durieu group

The Durieu family group designs and markets wood and metal maintenance products, as well as technical and decorative paints in more than 50 countries.

We have been committed to an approach to CSR for several years and regularly look for partners who care about these topics. Participating in this type of meeting allows you to discover in a very short time several partners who have a responsible DNA. My research focuses on general services such as cleaning work clothes, water treatment… Here we find innovative, responsible and local companies. »

  • Cristina Anton Villa, co-founder of Agrosymbiose-Green Tech Ecosystems

This start-up offers a smart service platform for urban and peri-urban agriculture to accelerate the decarbonization and modernization of agriculture. Thanks to sensors and applications from the start, farmers receive recommendations to optimize the management of their operations with the immediate objective of optimizing their costs and improving their yields. And finally, lower carbon emissions from the air.

This event allows you to get to know buyers and sellers of ecosystem solutions better. Being around the green transition shows that ecology and business are not incompatible. »

  • Nicolas Reffé, President of Blocs et Compagnie

The company developed Geowallet, a business mobility solution to automate the entire accounting management of professional travel. Composed of an application and a web, it is aimed at both freelancers and large companies. For each trip, the driver receives a safety score and an eco-driving score, ie the impact of their driving behavior on consumption and carbon footprint.

This type of initiative enables qualified contacts, it is much more productive than fairs. »

  • Clément Gantiez, project manager at Bouygues Energies and Services

Green electricity provider for isolated and off-grid equipment, powered by on-site produced hydrogen with solar panels and an electrolyser.

In particular, I met a prospect who plans to install an electrolyser and companies that offer digital twins, which we are interested in for the software part of our offering. The green transition is my day-to-day, I work with clients who want to be green, to be pioneers or because they are limited. »

  • Christophe Comel, Director of Purchasing at Heppner

Heppner is a major player in transport and logistics, an independent leader in international trade to and from France.

This is my third participation in this event that brings together many players and allows me to discover innovative solutions. In our activity, we are major energy consumers, so I am particularly interested in the players in this sector. »

The Region’s commitment to the ecological transition

More and more companies are taking into account their responsibility for the social and environmental consequences of their activity. By organizing these Green Transition Business Meetings, the Région Île-de-France aims to support companies that wish to do so in this virtuous dynamic of limiting their impact on the environment..

Either by its assistants and, in particular, those of the Up line for example, investing to limit your carbon footprint. But also using the public order to accelerate this environmental transition. Either through purchases from the Region, which represent 1 billion euros per year. But also encourage other public acquirers, such as departments or municipalities to follow this path.

The Île-de-France region plays its role as an enabler for Ile-de-France businesses, offering a new collective program to support them in their ecological transition.

In addition to the financing solutions that the Region has implemented, it offers a collective, personalized and free system to help companies:

  • Understanding the challenges of the ecological transition and its various levers of action,
  • to make decisions more enlightened develop its business and limit its environmental impact,
  • Identify and get to know solutions/suppliers more responsible and economically efficient,
  • find funding adapted.

1st promotion will start in July 2022 at the rate of 7 monthly sessions of 2 hours.

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