Close to Nantes. Should we be concerned about this transport platform project?

The 16,000 m2 building would be located behind the Mondial Relay platform and Robin carpentry currently under construction in the Plessis area. ©Hebdo de Sèvre et Maine

It has nothing to do with the project.warehouses XXL (70,000 mtwo) by Goodman. Project that caused an outcry and that the elected ones definitively buried more than a year ago.

The new project to install a logistics building in the Plessis area, in Loroux-Bottereau (Atlantic Loire), covers only…. 16,000mtwo.

If the construction program is carried out by the Legendre Groupthe building is intended for a transport activity on behalf of Hautier, the group that took over the Gazeau-Brelet transport in 2021, two entities that merged in 2013. The Brelet company is known in the vineyards of Nantes.

The local company was created in 1955 in Saint-Julien-de-Concelles.

The project studied by the department of economic development of the community of the municipalities of Sèvre et Loire foresees the construction of a building in store almost 13 meters high, intended to “receive dry products: classic goods as well as goods essentially composed of plastics, wood or cardboard/paper”, reads the report that resulted from a public consultation from 21 February to 21 March.

A report that was the subject of comments from six residents.

Respected advertising procedure

Gérard Bujeau and the Leray couple, residents of RD 115 on the initiative of a group opposed to the project Good manare among those who have addressed remarks to the city hall.

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Initially, these residents questioned the legality of advertising linked to the public consultation.

“During the procedure, only a visible panel was installed at the bottom of the Plessis area,” lamented residents who asked for the public consultation to be extended for several weeks.

During the public consultation, a display was installed at the bottom of the Plessis activity zone. ©Hebdo de Sèvre et Maine

A request rejected by the city. The community having respected the rules of advertising. The consultation was shown on the ground at the city hall and in the press.

The process was followed. We even went further, because the dossier was presented to the City Council last February, when there was no obligation to do so.

Emmanuel Rivery, mayor of Loroux-Bottereau

If the mayor recognizes that it is always possible to “do better” in this area, he also wants to specify that he informed the leaders of the collective, on the eve of the launch of the consultation.

Disagreement over traffic numbers

In addition to the form, it is mainly in the background that the residents express fears. Michel and Michèle Leray, received by the mayor last week, say they are worried about a transport project that will still generate additional traffic on RD 115, an already frequented and dangerous axis.

The discordance is based on flow predictions induced by the site’s location in the Plessis area. The report speaks of “a low logistical flow of 15 to 20 vehicles a day, in part already users of the RD 115”, and which will allow “to serve local customers”.

An “underestimated” number according to local residents who object to another number of 90 vehicles a day, calculated in proportion to the building’s surface and projections made in Goodman’s time.

An estimate that Emmanuel Rivery categorically refutes.

“We cannot cross-calculate,” insists the mayor of Loroux-Bottereau. “It’s not the same activities. Goodman, it was the logistics. There, it’s all about transportation, with about twenty vehicles a day. Especially since they are flows that already exist between Saint-Julien-de-Concelles and Mauges”, continues Emmanuel Rivery.

Request from a local company

An argument that does not convince locals for whom this type of activity should “prefer to be set up close to a 4 lane or suitable location for its activity”.

And not along a side road that runs through villages and towns.

Activity areas lack space. It’s a rare commodity. They must be reserved for the productive activities of small and medium-sized enterprises. And shut down storage facilities that generate traffic.

Michele and Michel Leray, residents

Mayor Emmanuel Rivery recalls that the community responded to a request from a local business that needs expansion and plans to create 7 to 10 jobs in the short term and 20 to 25 jobs in the medium term.

A company that employs 90 employees, “who live and work in the territory. And that it is developing a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy, appealing in particular to ESAT for maintenance, cleaning and packaging services.

Elected by communities (municipality and community of municipalities) that want to make Plessis “a balanced area in synergy with local commerce”, Emmanuel Rivery does not see how he could refuse such a request.

Mainly because in terms of road safety, the elected representatives of the territory also began to reflect, evoking to the Department the work to be carried out on RD 115.

The meeting took place last December.

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