Stable Connections of Lorette awarded at Fosse aux lions 2022

Chief occupational therapist and company owner Sarah-Michelle Senecal wins the grand prize of $15,000.

The award is presented by the Bilingual Municipalities of Manitoba Economic Development Council, organizer of this bilingual entrepreneurship contest.

Thanks to this amount, Ms. Senecal will be able to purchase a personal elevator, opening its services to more adults.

She indicates that she had to limit the presence of adult clients as she was physically unable to help them on horseback due to her size or weight.

In addition, Ms. Senecal wants to get a sensory motion simulator to help his clients with epilepsy.

Thus, she will be able to see them more quickly, but also, thanks to this tool, fears are desensitized, she writes in her presentation.

The horse simulator is fantastic! Typically, when you have clients with active epileptic seizures, you have to wait six months before putting them on a horse. With the machine, you can have a security plan. And for our little coconuts, we can build their comfort with equine movements before putting them on a horse’s back.explains Marie-Michelle Senécal in an interview with Radio-Canada.

She says that one of her clients had up to 24 epileptic seizures a day caused by stress. In eight months, this person can resume their sports and school activities, as seizures are less frequent.

Marie-Michelle Senécal poses proudly with her team after winning the Fosse aux lions 2022 final on April 27.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Simon Deschamps

The business of Mrs. Senecal, Stables Connections, has been around for five years. It has five employees and eight horses.

During the pandemic, she has offered her services to manage trauma to frontline healthcare workers. She currently supports the Canadian-Ukrainian community affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

A work of the heart that has an impact

Member of the jury and director general of the Center culturel franco-manitobain, Ginette Lavack maintains that the decision was not easy for the members of the jury, but the chord of the heart tipped the scales.

The work Sarah-Michelle does is touching. As you can see, more and more people in society are suffering from mental health issues and trauma. It offers a unique, proven service with a positive impact on these people.she witnesses.

According to Ms. Lavack, the fact that the successful entrepreneur comes from the countryside is another advantage and demonstrates that Francophonie is vibrant and healthy throughout the province.

Robert Tétrault, Ginette Lavack and Michel Durand-Wood sitting in a chair with a microphone in front of them.

The 2022 Lions Pit jury was composed of Robert Tétrault, Ginette Lavack and Michel Durand-Wood.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Simon Deschamps

Marie-Michelle Senecal wanted to thank the audience and the jury during her speech at the end of the night.

I cannot thank you enough. You don’t know the impact it will have on French and Anglophone clientele. The demand for the service this year is incredible. There’s a lot of people suffering and you’re going to have a big impact.she said.

According to statistics she listed during her presentation, more than 6,000 youth under the age of 18 need specialist services in Manitoba. The waiting list for community service can be as long as two years, he laments.

In the long run, Ms. Senecal would like to have a larger building built on her land where several sessions could be held at the same time, accommodate consulting rooms and have a sensory gym. The cost of this project is estimated at $350,000.

The other three competing companies were Typha Co, which deals with environmental issues, bilingual shop Atomic Flower Cannabis and Komera Inc., which makes African-inspired hot sauces.

The final of Fosse aux lions 2022 was presented at the Théâtre Cercle Molière, in addition to being webcast. It was the tenth edition of the event, which was held virtually last year and canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic.

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