Nahema Temarii: meeting with a young entrepreneur

“Nothing is more insurmountable” in Nahema’s eyes… From an early age, her father instilled in her a taste for effort. She discovers the world of work at age 16. After ten years of salaried work in communication and one child later, she decided to take on a new challenge: that of entrepreneurship.

Thanks »

This success, we are there thanks to everyone » : When Nahema talks about launching her advertising agency, her success is never entirely her own. She is always careful to thank everyone who played a part in her success, near or far. First, her parents for the values ​​they passed on to her. Then, her former superiors, for giving her a chance. Today, she expresses her gratitude to her collaborators and to all her collaborators for their trust.

Fortunately, one day, someone believed in me. »

But Nahema owes her that too. After ten years working as a media manager, she decided to set out on her own. A choice encouraged by her former channel, with whom she remained very close.

I had done the trick. I felt the need to take on other challenges. I waited for my daughter to grow up. »

challenge yourself

Thanks to his address book, his skills and a great deal of courage, in 2018 he founded an advertising agency in his image – modern and deeply Polynesian. So at the age of 27, Nahema wanted to continue in the same field.

For me, communication helps to highlight Polynesian culture. As the advertising sector is dominated by expatriates, it was important to show that we also know how to do things here. »

A local, young, versatile, independent and rigorous know-how… Nahema demands from its three employees what it has managed to acquire. Among her most formative experiences is her role as a press officer during the 2013 Beach Soccer World Cup, which won her praise from FIFA, and her first professional trip to Costa Rica in 2014. The only Tahitian on site and new to the profession, he knew how to accept the challenge.

The missions with FIFA are a great lesson in rigor. Costa Rica, it was the first time that I found myself completely alone with my decisions. I took on a lot of responsibility. After that trip, I never doubted my abilities again. »

Nahema then linked five other trips abroad with FIFA. The most recent Club World Cup in Abu Dhabi was a consecration for the young woman, as she lived the experience alongside the players for the first time. But also because AS Pirae’s participation in this championship is doubly historic.

What I love about FIFA is that all teams are in the same boat. The Federation defends equal opportunities! »

“This success, we are there thanks to everyone”

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business woman

Nahema was the eyes of Polynesia in the UAE. She took her role seriously and provided information to local media without distinction.

As much as I have a lot of affinities with my former colleagues at TNTV, I was able to show that I managed to make sense of things by giving ‘ma’a’ to all the media. »

Professionalism and efficiency already visible through the management of your company…

We started to grow in 2020… So we hired a company for the balance sheet, which ended up having a surplus* in the last two years! We are lucky to have loyal customers. »

Covid did not delay the development of his company, which bet on digital.

We were asked a lot. We were full! With my daughter at home, I didn’t have a moment’s rest! On the contrary, I was happy to come out of confinement. »

A busy schedule and a social life reduced to nothing… Or almost, since meetings and human relationships punctuate his professional routine.

I gave a lot when I had time. Now, I nourish myself intellectually and enrich myself humanly with those I meet. As for my best friends, they know where to find me if they need to. But enough going out, my priorities have changed. »

Education, your weapon

Always conscious and true to her values, she had already made the right choices fifteen years before, when, with the death of her grandmother, she decided to cancel her departure to New Zealand to be with her mother.

I was taken to Auckland but decided to stay in Tahiti, against my parents’ advice. I didn’t want to leave my mother. »

An only child until age 11, she became the eldest in a family of 9 children after her parents separated. However, from a mixed family, she lived a happy childhood between Pirae and Faaone. Nahema is now the mother of a girl, to whom she strives to pass on the same values…

*When a company’s balance sheet is in “surplus”, it means that it has managed to generate profits on its turnover.

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