Groupe Tera Increases Interest in Leading Virology Company to Develop Sensors Capable of Detecting Viruses, Company News

Happy shareholders who, in the summer of 2019, participated in the IPO of Groupe Tera, done at a price of 4.35 euros per share (+56% since then, despite a drop after the health crisis). The 6 million euros raised by the young company specializing in real-time air quality measurement were then allocated to R&D efforts. Wisely, in all likelihood, given the strong demand, especially from abroad, for this Made In France technology.

Groupe Tera, Smart City player, those smart cities of the future, in which innovation is put at the service of the inhabitants’ quality of life, is growing strongly. The company located in Crolles, in Isère, less than 20 kilometers from Grenoble, one of the most polluted cities in France, has not yet released its financial results for the year 2021 – more than a few hours of patience, Groupe Tera for its part fulfill this exercise this evening after the close of trading. However, the figures released for the first semester already showed all the great momentum underway.

At the end of June, turnover amounted to 5 million euros, an increase of 86% over a year, supported by the acquisitions in the laboratories division and the boom in the sale of sensors, with a strong leverage effect on the gross surplus (Ebitda): this fell from 6,000 euros in the first half of 2020 to 375,000 euros. Very soon, the company created in 2001 will be profitable on the bottom line of its income statement. The net loss at the end of June 2021 had been reduced to €68,000 from half a million a year earlier, although in the meantime the company has increased its workforce. Employees totaled 125 at last count, up from 38 two years earlier.

The Groupe Tera sensors in particular equip parking meters – a very French product, the first was installed in Paris in 1972 – manufactured by Flowbird in Besançon. The air quality measurement specialist also has a partnership with another French: automotive supplier Valeo, at the forefront of smart vehicles (in particular, its cameras equipped, in 2018, the first self-driving car to drive in Paris). This partnership reflects, according to the management of Groupe Tera, the desire of the “to strengthen its innovative air quality measurement system to protect consumers’ health. » The sensors make it possible, in particular, to measure the amount of fine particles in the passenger compartment.

The White House Clean Air Challenge

More recently, Isère’s fine particle sensors were chosen to equip public schools in the city of Boston, in the United States, announced in mid-March by Groupe Tera, which explains that the data is made available in real time on a web platform and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to the public. Two weeks later, the company made another announcement attesting to the enthusiasm for the your NextPM sensors: they will be installed this year “in every building of one of the leaders in office real estate in the United States”, which represents an area of ​​5 million m2. The name of the American client was not revealed, but Groupe Tera, in its press release, welcomes this new contract that ” confirms the success of its development on the East Coast of the United States suggesting it could be Boston Properties, which builds and manages Class A office buildings in the Boston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Washington areas.

President Biden in March unveiled a roadmap, dubbed the Clean Air in Buildings Challenge, which calls on all building owners and operators, schools, colleges and universities to equip their buildings to improve indoor air quality, in particular with the aim of put the end of Covid-19 once and for all.

Virology is a new area of ​​development for Groupe Tera. It is in this sense that the company has just taken a “significant” stake in the very young Lyon-based company VirexpR, born this year from the spin-off of the academic research laboratory VirPath and its technological research platform VirNext (Université Claude Bernard Lião 1) . “VirexpR will bring [à Groupe Tera] additional knowledge in virology and microbiology, explains the company, which will notably allow the group to work on a specialized biological sensor” in the detection of viruses in confined spaces. A new string for his bow that appeals to the stock market, as Groupe Tera shares gain almost 10% this Thursday, to 6.80 euros. They are moving to all-time highs this year (6.9 euros on March 30).

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