E-commerce giant Shopify has integrated NFT into its website

Shopify, an e-commerce software development company, is increasingly entering the cryptocurrency space. The other day it became known that the company had signed a cooperation agreement with GigLabs to integrate the NFT on its website.

Shopify: The NFT Service

According to company CEO Tobias Lütke’s tweet, Shopify has already added the NFT service to its platform:

As part of the partnership, the GigLabs NFT app will be integrated into the Shopify App Store. This will allow Shopify Plus sellers to create and sell non-fungible tokens in their Shopify storefronts in minutes, with no prior app development or blockchain experience required. In addition, as can be seen on the Shopify page, it is possible to perform the mintage of an NFT in different cryptocurrencies such as ether (ETH), Polygon (MATIC), Near (NEAR) and Flow (FLOW) thanks to the collaboration with its partner applications.

According to cryptodaily.co.uk, GigLabs NFT App is a convenient platform that provides sellers with a set of tools to create, manage and sell non-fungible tokens. It also provides secure NFT storage and the ability to track sales and analytics data.

Non-fungible tokens can be purchased in a number of ways, including Shopify Payments and Shop Pay. Cryptocurrencies, credit or debit cards are also accepted as payment methods.

“The growing ecosystem of NFT apps demonstrates our commitment to providing sellers with an affordable approach to selling crypto directly from their Shopify stores” said Robleh Jama, director of products at Shopify. “We are excited to welcome GigLabs to the Shopify NFT ecosystem to help sellers create a unique commerce experience with non-fungible tokens”he announced.

NFT as the next step in the evolution of e-commerce

The NFT Beta program is currently only available to Shopify Plus sellers in the United States. Customers looking to integrate the GigLabs NFT app into their Shopify Plus accounts should get further instructions by contacting the company directly.

“NFTs are the next step on the road to the evolution of e-commerce. The GigLabs NFT app on the Shopify App Store allows select businesses to offer NFTs to their consumers quickly and easily. We cooperated with BreakingT and Infinite Objects early in development to test our app, and both companies are now able to integrate NFTs into their existing Shopify stores as our first customers.”explained Brian Burns, product director and co-founder of GigLabs.

While Shopify is in its infancy in the NFT realm, the company is not new to the crypto space. Since 2020, the company accepts payments in cryptocurrencies through a close collaboration with BTCPay.

The NFT sector is growing day by day, certainly gaining strength. Many companies and apps integrate NFTs into their websites and famous personalities create your own non-fungible tokens. We’ll be following the evolution of the cryptocurrency world, so don’t hesitate to stay on Cointribune to stay up to date!

Source: cryptodaily.co.uk

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