Do you feel like a creator or business creator? Shine is ready to support you

Between the desire to create your company and the great leap into entrepreneurship, many fears sometimes come to curb your enthusiasm as apprentice entrepreneurs. In particular, the fear of not knowing how to manage all the administrative obligations and procedures incumbent on the creator of a VSE or an SME.

However, the have never undertaken as much as they have in recent years. Nearly a million companies (995,900 to be exact) were born in 2021, according to INSEE. This is 20% more than in 2020, an already record year, despite the decline linked to the first confinement. This is proof of an economic dynamism and a will to undertake that are not weakened, despite the health crisis.

A bank account that earns more»

Hence the desire of Nicolas Reboud and Raphaël Simon, the founders of Shine, to support entrepreneurs and facilitate the creation of a business as well as day-to-day procedures.

In addition to supporting you in the first steps of your business, fintech also offers a range of services to help you manage your VSE or SME. Because Shine is above everything”a bank account that does more» thanks to a complete, simple and safe online tool.

Available on smartphone, tablet or computer, its intuitive interface offers advanced and tailored features such as group transfers, real-time business expense notifications, business card settings, etc.

Lighten your mental load

To help you, the future entrepreneur, overcome your reluctance and launch your business, Shine, created in 2018 and acquired in 2020 by Société Générale, offers an “all-in-one” solution. It consists of a 100% online professional checking account on the one hand and administrative support on the other.

It is, therefore, also a reduction of the mental load associated with the management of daily life that this comprehensive service aims to offer you. Valuable help at a time when the risk of burnout among business leaders is reaching record levels.

According to a national survey, carried out in January and February 2021 by the Amarok Observatory, among a thousand entrepreneurs, the percentage of managers of SMEs threatened with exhaustion reached 10.41%, compared to 1.75% before the health crisis. The mental space and time you free up, thanks to Shine’s administrative support, can be fully dedicated to the heart of your company’s activity as well as its development.

Get help creating

Starting a business is a journey punctuated by steps to remember, understand, and ultimately traverse. Among them, the capital deposit, an essential step in the creation of a company of the EURL, SARL, SASU or SAS type. The professional Shine account, accessible from a smartphone, tablet or on the web, allows you to make this deposit in complete safety.

Fintech then takes care of all the essential steps for creating a company, such as drafting statutes, registration, publication of the legal notice and obtaining KBis.

Manage daily life more easily

Once your business is launched, Shine also offers a set of administrative, accounting and banking services specially designed for you.

Whether you are its founder, its founder, yours or your manager, the Shine solution makes it easy to manage your company’s expenses. From the website or mobile app, you can manage your business cards and settings in just a few clicks. Track your spending in real-time with instant notifications and make up to 100 transfers at once.

Shine also allows you to store receipts and vouchers for the various transactions and schedule an automatic accounting export via email at the end of the month. Finally, you benefit from an invoice editing service and reminder notifications for administrative deadlines.

These resources are also aimed at the self-employed, micro-entrepreneurs can feel overwhelmed with the many steps to be taken alone, in addition to their main activity. Shine accompanies them by offering them, in particular, a reminder of administrative deadlines, an invoice tracking and editing service and a real-time collection assessment to give them visibility.

Attention teaser! Shine is working to enrich its banking offering to cover all the needs of professionals and VSEs: it will soon be possible to deposit money into your professional account. Shine also prepares a simplified solution for managing your company’s expenses.

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