Can HR strategy contribute to a company’s success?

Today more than ever, living well in a company is a real challenge that must be part of a long-term strategy. Employees and candidates look for companies that provide them with flexibility and confidence.

“We ensure that employee well-being is an integral part of our overall strategy. The goal is to keep people at the center of our attention to maintain a friendly and benevolent policy,” says Emmanuelle Bonat, Senior HR Manager at Value Partners.

Promoting an environment where life is good

Both candidates and employees are now very attentive to good coexistence in the company, through a pleasant and stimulating work environment, as well as a framework that promotes a balance between private and professional life. These criteria have become decisive to maintain strong competitiveness in the market, although the salary package is an unavoidable lever for attracting and retaining employees.

As health restrictions were lifted last April, telecommuting is still applied at Value Partners, up to three days a week. “We are absolutely not in a control logic, on the contrary, we train our employees in the organization of the work week and in their own time management. Ultimately, they feel valued and this is reflected in their well-being.”

Despite the particular context of the last two years, preserving the bond between employees remains essential.

Emmanuelle Bonat, Senior Manager, HR and Communications, Value Partners

Finally, despite the particular context of the last two years, the preservation of the connection between employees remains essential, namely through the regular organization of team building and moments of sharing.

All these factors combined allowed Value Partners to earn the “Great Place to Work” seal on March 31.

Loyalty that starts with hiring

“Our DNA is based on collegiality, respect, responsibility, solidarity and proactivity. We pay close attention to your application internally, but also from the very beginning of the recruitment process.”

Indeed, the recognition of employees starts from the very first moments in the company. “Welcome Day is a privileged moment for new employees, during which all teams are mobilized to facilitate their integration. In addition, from day one, each new employee is integrated into a personalized training program through the VP Training Center, our in-house training center.”

With 120 training courses organized per year, the VP Training Center has become a must for Value Partners, in a context where training is a loyalty tool that allows retaining talent and making them acquire skills in a constantly changing sector. “This initiative has a rebound effect, as by being continually updated on evolving regulations, we provide quality services to our customers.”

To embed employee loyalty into corporate strategy, the HR function plays a cross-cutting role. It is the guarantor of local management, promoting a dynamic of dialogue. “One-on-one personalized HR interviews are regularly offered in the form of an open discussion to each of our employees in order to listen and meet their expectations.”

An HR policy that contributes to the company’s influence

For Emmanuelle Bonat, it is obvious that clients are sensitive to the expertise and stability of their interlocutors. Attracting and retaining talent increases customer trust.

From very early on, the quality of services and proactivity were perceived by everyone as a major differentiation axis.

Emmanuelle Bonat

Emmanuelle Bonat, Senior Manager, HR and Communications, Value Partners

“From very early on, the quality of services and proactivity were perceived by everyone as a great axis of differentiation. A very low staff turnover also allows us to establish a solid and lasting relationship with our customers.”

Service companies that need to manage confidential information have every interest in enforcing this type of HR policy to maintain that trust. The benefits of this humanized policy are visible in the quality of the work of employees and, ultimately, felt by our customers. Not only are they satisfied with our service, they are also loyal. “Our double-digit growth in nine years is the most telling example of this.”

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