8 startups selected for the new e-commerce and retail technology incubator

Unitec and the Connected Commerce Club of Digital Aquitaine are joining forces to create an e-commerce and retail technology incubator. The first promotion selected entries from eight startups.

Both globally and in France, e-commerce is experiencing a strong acceleration. A context even more reinforced by the health and economic crisis. ” Following a 2020 study by CCI Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the Chamber of Crafts and Trades and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, 18% of VSEs have an e-commerce website and 6.6% participate in marketplaces. The population’s confinement accelerated the use of digital tools: 41% of VSEs maintained the link with their customers through social networks. However, 6.1% created an online ordering platform and a click-and-pick takeaway service. To date, 62% of regional VSEs want to increase their visibility on the web and 13.5% want to register with marketplaces. So many elements to boost New Aquitaine with e-commerce », puts Unitec in context.

The support structure is called ” happy to launch this first promotion with Club Commerce Connecté. Our 20-year history in the e-commerce and retail fields associated with the Poc me up initiative launched by the CCC three years ago seemed to really make sense for startups. Indeed, what could be better than 360° support integrating links, testing, collaborations directly with market players to make these innovative solutions progress even faster? »

Eight start-ups were selected to be part of the first promotion, following the call for applications. Everyone will benefit from individual and collective support, contacts with actors and experts in the sector, mentoring with partner professionals, etc.

The 8 winners of the 1st e-commerce and retail technology promotion

Cali intelligence refines video data through its innovative software to improve and multiply its uses. She combines her clients’ business know-how with her expertise in AI and computer vision to augment the human. The start-up provides ethical tools, adapted to the work habits of its users. Today, 99% of CCTV data is destroyed without any processing. Cali recycles this lost data to refocus security on its core business: protecting goods and people effectively and without cognitive biases.

Founded in 2019, FARI developed DataFret, the only Saas solution to automate the control of freight transport invoices. DataFret promises to charge the right price, save up to 80% of time in processing transport invoices and benefit from indicators to monitor the performance of carriers. DataFet ensures invoice collection, automatic control, management of credit memo requests and the creation of XLM payment files. FARI serves customers in e-commerce, the manufacturing industry or even the pharmaceutical industry such as Sanofi.

clear has a mission to permanently change the way we consume, allowing you to easily get second-hand. They collect, free of charge, at home your clothes and small furniture that you no longer use, in exchange for discount vouchers to buy second-hand goods, improved by them and of certified quality, directly in your future e-shop.

Bordeaux start-up founded in January 2021 by three complementary profiles, Equity financing aims to help all French companies to finance their actions. Stockfunding is developing a unique smart and supportive crowdfunding platform that offers attractive rates to its investors.

Locuta is developing a product offering that aims to accelerate the digital transformation of call centers, thanks to the latest technological advances in conversational artificial intelligence. Locuta’s solutions are aimed at all those involved in the relationship with customers over the phone and, in particular, allow the automation and supervision of call centers.

Place is the first Live Shopping Local platform. A mix of TéléShopping and Youtube, Locadeo offers local players the opportunity to present and sell, live or replay, their products, services or activities. The platform will feature local communities of consumers and economic actors (public actors, traders, tourism professionals, artisans, etc.). The project’s ambition is to highlight the dynamism, authenticity and diversity of our local economic actors.

DONE is the first positive impact solution that helps e-commerces and retailers upgrade their products from reverse logistics and excess inventory. A refurbishment service but also a solidarity discount that finances impact projects through each purchase. A committed and cost-effective alternative that is part of its partners’ approach to CSR.

TargetR is a French start-up specializing in promotional marketing. It supports companies and brands to digitize and make sense of their commercial and promotional actions. The SAAS platform ensures the creation of personalized coupons, targeted and automated distribution and impact analysis across all channels (on-premises, in-store, marketplace). It is used by over 50,000 companies and brands such as Clarins, Crédit Agricole, Cdiscount, VVF, etc. It is recognized in Ecommerce and Retail for its Smart Promotion solution, in particular Winner of the Leclerc Innovation Trophy 2019, and for its DriveToStore solution for local coupons (in the origin of the solidarity movement SauveTonCommerce.fr).

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