Twenty years ago, the space shuttle Columbia exploded while reentering the atmosphere.

On February 1, 2003, Columbia disintegrated over Texas in a mixture of thick fog and deafening noise, claiming the lives of seven astronauts and hastening the withdrawal of the American space shuttles. April 3, 2003: The 35,000 pieces of debris recovered from the Columbia, scattered in a Kennedy Space Center hangar, for investigation purposes AFP … Read more

YouScribe, the French start-up nesting in Ivory Coast publishing

YOUSCREBE To meet the reading needs of its approximately 29 million inhabitants, Côte d’Ivoire currently has only twenty public libraries, or one for 1.45 million inhabitants. A rather insufficient number, point out professionals in the sector, in particular for schools whose documentation centers are almost all reduced to a minimum. And in the few bookstores, … Read more

Greater participation of teachers on strike day

According to figures recorded at noon by the Department of Education and Vocational Training of Vaudois (DEF), about 2,100 teachers in compulsory and post-compulsory education, against 1,500 last week, took part in the strike. Keystone/LAURENT GILLIERON sda-ats This content was published on January 31, 2023 – 17:02 January 31, 2023 – 5:02 pm (Keystone-ATS) A … Read more

Fewer fundraisers in 2022 but bigger tickets

The annual conference “The main trends in e-health in 2023”, organized by Interaction Healthcare, took place on January 24th. On this occasion, Sandrine Cochard, editorial director of Mind Health, a media dedicated to the transformation of the health market, presented an evaluation of the French e-health fundraising last year. In summary, the number of French … Read more

What is Asperger’s Syndrome?

This form of “intelligent autism” has the particularity of altering communication skills without affecting language or intelligence. Asperger’s syndrome, which affects around 700,000 people in France, is one of the rare forms of autism that is not accompanied by any specific intellectual disability. Characterized by communication difficulties, he would even participate in certain cases in … Read more

Pulumi comes to help coders and operators work better together

Dealing with infrastructure as code is a modern and intelligent way to provision software in the cloud. To support companies on this path, the start-up Pulumi helps developers and IT operators to provision and manage infrastructures in Kubernetes and public clouds using the most common programming languages ​​(Java, YAML, Python or Go). As more and … Read more

Dry4Good, an alternative to food additives

In recent years, the food additives are chosen by consumers who are increasingly turning to Natural products. Thanks to innovative technology, Dry4Good offers ingredients to manufacturers allowing them to simplify the formula of their products. Putting naturalness back at the heart of the industry with Dry4Good Founded in 2019, the Dry4Good company dehydrates plant materials … Read more

Co-founded by two Lebanese, Matbakhi raises US$ 2.3 million

Founded in October 2022 by Joe Frem and Rodolph Njeim, Saudi start-up Matbakhi announced last week that it had raised $2.3 million in seed capital (pre-seed), an early step in the fundraising process for a start-up. -ups. A first round of financing, therefore, led by Bugshan Investment Company, which should allow the team to reinforce … Read more